Brief Introduction on Top Sources Trading Ltd.

Our company was established on Sep. 20, 1994 in Hong Kong. From 1994 to 2001, we were mainly engaging in exporting Garment and Tourist Products made in China to USA, with annual turn over up to US$2 million.


Since 2001, our company extended our business to supplying Stationery & Educational Items, Toy; Office Stationery & Equipment; Garment, Caps & Hats, Footwear; Daily Necessities, Furniture, Household Appliance; Printing; Sports Accessories; Engineering Machinery & Equipment, Vehicle and Spare Parts; Tyre, Battery; Agricultural Equipment & Tools; Industrial Equipment; Solar Products, Energy Saving Articles, Environment Protection Products; Building Material; Portable House ( e.g. Modified Container Accommodations ); ISO Containers etc. In addition, We are good at providing Material and Equipment for Relief and Emergency Supplies, such as Tent, Blanket, Quilts, Tarpaulins, Canvas, Sleeping Mats, Mattresses and Kerosene Cooking Stoves Etc., as well as some Items for Travel, Outdoor Activities, Personal Hygiene and Basic Medical Treatment, e.g. Personnel Protective Equipment ( PPE ), First Aid Kits, Hygiene Kits and Medical Consumables etc.


In Oct.12, 2001, our company received first order ( PO/20251 ) from UNHCR for supplying 20,000 pairs of Tennis Shoe to Tindouf, Algeria, that was the beginning of our business with UN organizations.


Our company began to supply goods to UNICEF since 2002. We accomplished 6 orders issued by Unicef Beijing to supply Winter Jacket, Winter Shoes as emergency relief goods to earthquake stricken area in Pakistan at the last season of 2005 and beginning of 2006.  Swift delivery on FCA airport of winter shoes within 5 days from receipt of each order and Winter Jackets within 7 days from receipt of each order and quality of the goods supplied by our company were impressive to Unicef and gained reputation for our company.  


Our company is one of the regular suppliers to UNICEF since 2005. Up to the end of October 2017, we have received and performed total 210 orders issued by Unicef Supply Division ( One can verify the records of our company’s contracts with Unicef by visiting Unicef website: www. at sub-site , then clicking buttons indicating year and month of award ).


By painstaking efforts in fierce international bidding, our company won and have executed several important orders from UNRWA for supplying Sport Itemsincluding Sport Shoes, Sport Tools, Baseball Caps etc. with goods quality and swift delivery for 2010 and 2011 Summer Games for Palestine Students in Gaza, and supplied Tarpaulin Sheets and Plastic Rolls for different projects as well. At that time, our company is the first Chinese company who ever supplied goods to UNRWA.


Up to October 2017, our company has been awarded with orders or contracts by 50 UN Agencies through international bidding ( as our excellent accomplishment and good reputation in 16 years performance of UN related supplying projects have been well known in the line of business ), and supplied hundreds types of goods to their projects over the world.


Our company’s UNGM Registration No. is 113465.  As Level 2 Vendor for UNPD ( Vendor No. 30945 ), our company was the only Chinese company ever invited to participate several UNPD tenders since 2013.


To meet the requirement of ever growing business, we set up Beijing Department as a Special Department inside our company to specialize our business with UN Agencies. The Beijing Dept. can be contacted as follows:





Up to now, we have 18 staff working in full time and more than 15 experienced experts are working for our company as part time employee. All experts are of more than 10 years of experience in the relevant area which covers our business scopes as stated above.

( This introduction was written on Oct. 17, 2008, and renewed on Aug. 27, 2018)




Top Sources Trading Co., Ltd. to expand the scope of business, business products are stationery, printed materials, footwear, tires, batteries, furniture, machinery and equipment, vehicles and accessories, sporting goods and accessories, solar energy products, energy products, building materials, play Tools, and other gifts.