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  • Poduct name: Backpack
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1. Size: L x W x D: 40 x 27 x10cm
2. Material: 100% 600 X 300 D nylon polyester, tear resistance, PU coating, waterproof.
3.Package of the  Structure: back style, there was a package wrapped with plastic sheeting at the end of 10 X 27 CM hard plate.
3.1  Inside, there is a wide 80 MM, 35 MM high transparent plastic business cards pocket;
3.2 In front of  the bag, there is a small bag, dimensions: height 23 X 28 X wide depth of 4 CM ; plastic zipper closure.
4. Capacity: about 23 liters Maximum load: 20 kg.
5. The package of exterior colors: navy blue Hawaii, color number: CYAN BLUE PANTONE 17 - 4540. 
6. Logo: UNICEF logo