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  • Poduct name: Emergency Unit
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Product Specifications:
  • Product Unit:

Adjustable waist bag “Fanny Pack”:
1.Color: Blue
2.Material: durable 600D Oxford fabric with water resistant coating.
3.Size: Approx Measurements; H 16cm X L 22cm (water compartment additional) X D 10cm.
4.Design: The pack contain two pockets and both are closed with two way heavy duty glove friendly zippers, plus a side   compartment (poket or mesh) that can accommodate a single 500ml water bottle;
N95 Respirators (Disposable Dusk Mask):
1. European size
2. Standard: NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84 , N95 class
3. Environmental material
FM Crank Radio with integrated flashlight and USB smart phone charging port (iPhone, etc.):
1. Material: ABS、PS  
2. Size: 12.5*5.2*4.2cm
3. LED Specification: 3 LEDs,¢5; Lighteness:12000MCD.
4. Battery: Lithium Battery(3.6V 120mAh)
5. Details and Function:
·Can charge different mobile phone by cranking
·Sensitive FM radio
·Crank dynamo (self-generated, battery-less)
Mylar Space Blanket:
1. Material: PET Aluminum plating film
2. Size: 84x52 inch
3. Color: silver
Emergency Whistle
1. Material: Plastic
2. Color: Blue, Red and Orange
3. Length: 5 cm
4. Package: OPP bag
5. Feature:
   Whistle without a pea;
   Can guarantee good functionality in extreme temperatures.
 Bio-hazard Bag
1. Material: HDPE
2. Size: 61x61cm
3. Thickness: 50micron (0.5mm)
4. Color: Yellow
5. Printing: one color printing on 1 sides
Pack of Tissues:
1. Material:Virgin wood pulp
2. Density: 15 gsm/ply
3. Color: White
4. Description: 10 sheet, 3ply, 21.5*20cm/sheet
Safety Light Stick:
1.Length: 6 inch (150mm)
2. Diameter: 15mm
3. Color: Green
4. Instant Light Time: 12 hours
5. Feature: Safety Light Stick
Sanitary Gloves
1. Material: Nitrile Gloves
2. Length: 12’’
3. Weight: 27g/ pair for size L
4. Size: S/M/L
5. Color: Blue Color
6. Feature: Powder Free
Mini First Aid Kit:
1. Contents:
plastic adhesive bandages: 5pcs
Antiseptic wipes: 2pcs
Gauze pads: 2 bags
Butterfly-closure bandages: 2pcs
Tape: 1 roll
Bandages: 2 roll
2. Packing: the above items packed into 1 red bag
Luggage Tag (Empty)
1. Material: PE
2. Size: 60x21mm
3. Color: Random selection of these colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red And White